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Challenge Pacesetter

Upgrade your Challenge Pacesetter dryer with the new and improved model 165, which features more advanced technology and improved efficiency. Don't let your laundry facility get left behind and purchase new equipment and upgrades from Brim Laundry Machinery, one of the most trusted suppliers of laundry machinery, parts, and equipment in the market.

Challenge Pacesetter industrial dryers are receiving modern upgrades as users strive for more efficient machines to improve their operations. Many are opting to replace their old dryers with brand new models that help save money on different ends, ranging from installation to running costs, and upkeep. Newer models deliver highly advanced technology you will rarely see elsewhere, and this includes an impressive, fully integrated production management system that enables superior efficiency over many laundry machineries.
The new Challenge Pacesetter retains its commendable qualities including component wear resistance and superb efficiency, with the added bonus of lower emissions. All these make it the perfect choice for those who are looking for a robust machine that offers consistent performance and reduced environmental footprint. If you are looking for large-capacity laundry and drying machines, Challenge is one of the most highly recommended brands by people who have been in the industry since antiquity.
Brim Laundry is the best place to turn to for your industrial and commercial laundry machinery needs, providing you with best selection of robust and technologically advanced machines, designed for heavy duty work. Brim Laundry carries a long list of new and used equipment, including parts for your tried and tested equipment. The company also offers technical support and other miscellaneous services, from rigging and installation, to the layout and design of your facility.

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