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Security System Los Angeles

Security System Los Angeles If you open a phone book or search the internet, you're bound to find a lot of companies offering to sell you a security system. Los Angeles in a beautiful but not always secure place in which to reside. Armguard Corporation has been providing home security systems, security guards and close protection in and around Los Angeles for more than thirty years.

alarm systems Toronto
SafeTech Security
121 Willowdale Ave. Suite 202
Toronto Ontario M2N 6A3 US
Safe Tech carries a wide range of alarm systems in Toronto designed to meet the needs of every family and business. If you're currently looking into a home or commercial security system, we invite you to check out the online inventory at Safe Tech. Just click on ‘Residential' or ‘Commercial' to get started. If you need assistance from a service tech, call 888-939-3733.

Los Angeles Home Security Surveillance Camera
Only a generation ago, a Los Angeles home security surveillance camera was a mighty costly investment. Today, security cameras are almost inexpensive. Honeywell and Armguard Security Solutions partner to provide Los Angeles property owners with quality surveillance that is remarkably affordable. Give us a call and tell us what you need.

Glock stippling
Shark Coast Tactical is your one stop shop for Glock stippling, Glock accessories, and Glock handguns & ammo. Shop and save on our website- we have it all, from affordable 9mm brass case ammo to slide stops and drop-in trigger kits. If you have any questions or need help locating parts for your Glock, call 941-237-0117.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Service
Sharken Assess
Shark Assess provides a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment service to help organizations identify and mitigate potential risks. Our services include thorough vulnerability assessments, threat intelligence analysis, and risk evaluation. We offer tailored recommendations and strategies to strengthen your security posture. With our expertise and industry best practices, we help organizations proactively manage cybersecurity risks and safeguard their assets. Trust Shark Assess for reliable and effective cybersecurity risk assessment services tailored to your specific needs.

Vciso Privacy Assessment
Kuma LLC
10432 Balls Ford Rd
Manassas VA 20109 US
(800) 993-7027
Kuma LLC Kuma LLC is a leading global consultancy specializing in privacy, security, and identity management. Founded on the principles of proactive excellence and best practice innovation, Kuma liberates organizations from merely complying with regulations to achieving heightened states of governance in privacy and security. The company's services are comprehensive and tailored to support various sectors, including government, commercial, and nonprofit organizations. With a presence in areas such as healthcare, health-tech, pharma-tech, K12/higher education, ride-share apps, financial services, fin-tech, big data analytics/processors, identity relying parties, and social services, Kuma is well-positioned to address the unique challenges across these diverse industries. Kuma's offerings extend to practical and approachable solutions, encompassing: 1. Privacy: Guidance on implementing privacy policies and practices to meet compliance standards and enable better business outcomes. 2. Security: Assistance in creating a solid and scalable security foundation. 3. Identity: Simplification and clarification of the highly technical identity industry, providing direct access to essential resources and expert messaging for competitive success. The Kuma Difference stands out with defining qualities such as decisiveness, agility, and dynamism. A suite of services is meticulously designed to support organizations in various capacities: - Chief Information Security Officer roles, application security, and privacy officer designations. - Development of security and privacy policies and procedures. - Administration of security and privacy training programs. - Conducting comprehensive audits and achieving certifications. Kuma is also well-versed in helping clients achieve industry-specific certifications and strategic go-to-market advising. Their expertise includes NIST 800-63-3 certification, DIACC certification, and UK certification, showcasing their commitment to excellence and market leadership in privacy and security consultation. Headquartered in Manassas, VA, Kuma maintains a model of lean staffing with subject matter experts adept at delivering efficient, impactful, and scalable results. This strategy ensures that clients receive personalized attention and services that are both nimble and effective, challenging the status quo of traditional consulting practices. Customers have praised Kuma's capability to deliver transformative results, with a partnership approach that emphasizes financial stewardship and market differentiation. The organization thrives on forming durable relationships and fostering a culture of success with its clients, leveraging the strengths of privacy, security, and identity management as market differentiators. Kuma further enriches its service provision with resources like blogs and newsletters, offering insights into recent developments in cybersecurity, audit readiness, GDPR compliance, and other relevant topics. The company's commitment to not only business excellence but also cultural and social responsibility is evident in their initiatives such as the Kuma Foundation and dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Kuma LLC is truly a beacon of excellence in the privacy and security consulting space, helping organizations navigate the complexities of information governance with confidence and strategic insight.

Narcotic dog searching Alberta
Sniff It Out Fast K9 Services
If you've noticed a drug problem at the workplace, in school, or in another area where drugs are strictly forbidden, Sniff It Out and Fast K9 Services can help you get to the bottom of the problem quickly and reliably. Our drug sniffing dogs are trained to sniff out drugs in backpacks, personal baggage, lockers, vehicles, warehouses, and other areas.